Order Processing and Shipping Changes

We are now asking our customers to wait 1-2 weeks, more or less, to process your order. We do this to allow us to fully test our watches before they ship. If you need your watch shipped quickly, please let us know.

Shipping will remain free to our domestic customers and our international customers will now have to pay $25.00 USD; plus, check with your country for import charges.

We accept returns on all our products in case of malfunction. We do not accept returns if you don't like a particular color or part of a watch when you receive the watch or after we have gone the extra mile in customizing your watch or if you visited your local watchmaker to inspect or fix your watch. International buyers need to understand that shipping watches can be very expensive. Please consider all challenges and expenses before making a purchase or contact us and we will gladly help you.

Be aware that because of COVID-19 delays may occur in processing your order and shipping. However, we are here to always answer any questions and we properly insure all our shipments.

Stay safe, everyone! -Joel Paez

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